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Stand-Up-Paddle Boarding (or SUP) is one of the best sports for working core muscles, upper body and legs.  A combination of surfing and paddling, it originated in Hawaii decades ago as beach boys stood on their longboards, navigating with long paddles, in order to take pictures of tourists during surfing lessons.  During the last decade, SUP has re-emerged as a way for people to enjoy all types of water environments using a long, one-bladed paddle and standing on a longer and wider surfboard with a bit more volume and stability.

Our boards are only the TOP QUALITY boards on the market:  Angulo, Pau Hana, and Amundson!  
Our paddles are high-quality carbon - you can paddle happily all day!


SUP is much easier to learn than surfing and in addition to providing a memorable ocean experience, it provides a great core workout, improving strength and balance.  SUP is one of the only sports out there that LITERALLY gives you a 'head-to-toe' workout!  It’s the perfect activity for all ages and all fitness levels – anyone can learn SUP! Most students can be up and paddling after just 45 minutes of instruction.  Proper paddling techniques and more advanced board skills are an on-going instruction process, and are completely optional, so unlike the more technical sports you can excel right out of the gate!
SUP is THE best way to see all the little islands around Utila!  Enter the water from our private beach and paddle the calm bay to your hearts content!  Want to stop for lunch or a beer - no problem!  Simply paddle out to the Cayview Restaurant, jump on the dock and lift your board out - all of our boards are under 29 pounds and easy to carry!

The Utila Cays are a SUP paradise!  Shallow, azure waters and an 'always-above-80F-water-temperature' make your paddling trip the perfect way to spend the day!  New paddlers are ALWAYS required to go with a guide (and who wouldn't want to -  WE'RE SUPER FUN!) and we have a wide-variety of excursions just waiting to be explored!  Just check out the photo of your SUP playground below!


#1.  NEWBIE EXPERIENCE (2 HRS - $35/pp):  We’ll instruct you on the dock first, so you know exactly what to do once you hit the board! We’ll start right off our private beach and will paddle the bay as we learn stroke techniques and turns.  Bring you cameras - GREAT photo opportunities!


#2.  CAY EXPLORER + SNORKELING (3 HRS - $45/pp):  Previous experience REQUIRED – although we will do a quick refresher as we hop on our boards from the beach!  We’ll paddle out to the beautiful Utila Cays and spend some time snorkeling one of the most BEAUTIFUL REEFS in ALL of Utila!  After a refreshing beer or lemonade from the cays, we’ll paddle our way home and hopefully take in a beautiful sunset!                       


#3.  WATER CAY PARADISE (3-4 HRS - $50/pp):  This is a trip for confident paddlers and those wanting a challenge with a BIG reward!  We start by paddling out to a stunning, un-touched island with nothing but white sand and palm trees!  Then spend a few hours relaxing and snorkeling and exploring the light blue waters on our boards!  After we hydrate with some beer or water, we’ll paddle back and hopefully catch a beautiful Utila sunset!


ON YOUR OWN:  For experienced SUPS only!  For your own safety, you must pass a mini-skills test prior to departure!

1st HOUR - $25 / ADTL HOURS - $10 per hour

FULL DAY - $60 (discount on multiple days)


As a certified 200 RYT yoga teacher, I have seen the results that can be had with a daily yoga practice and have healed myself from a severe ankle injury with amazing progress.  Our style of yoga is ashtanga based and roots in the important of meditation and living all 8-limbs of yoga.
Daily practice can be difficult to sustain on vacation. The 'big town' of Utila can be a very boisterous place with a 24/7 happy-hour at every corner. We created our yoga classes just with this in mind - we want to support you goals and happiness while enjoying every vacation day!  We LOVE beginners!