...at the historic Hotel Kayla on the Utila Cays...

Welcome to one of the last undiscovered treasures of the Caribbean:  The Utila Cays.  The Cays are a set of small islands only minutes from the 
SW side of Utila.  The main two islands, Jewel Cay and Pigeon Cay are old-world fishing villages with a combined population of 400-500.  
The location of the islands and lack of sand means we can spend many evenings in the hammocks watching the stars without being bothered
by sandflies that have made Utila and Roatan famous!  

We welcome you to spend your days diving the beautiful north side of the island (it's not often we see dive boats come up here!), 
stand-up-paddleboarding (SUP) all of the little islands that surround us, and relaxing at one of the restaurants right on the water 
with the day's fresh fish and a Salva Vida (just $1 here!)...  Why would you ever want to leave?

We offer several types of accommodations but our jewel, the historic Hotel Kayla, is the best value where your bed is only meters away 
from our beautiful reef and sunbathing dock.  Hot water, new fans, full kitchen, bathroom and shower in every room, security guard and 
even rooms with A/C...all for $10-15/per person!  Hotel Kayla is an oasis of serenity.

Come and see what the reefs looked like 100 years ago...  Come and see what life in the Caribbean was like 100 years ago...